Photos are of ex- service people in  their early days of military service of 40/50 years ago. Well known people by all accounts. Family and friends will obviously know them but, the idea is, that people who might see the photos just might have served with them and have not met up since leaving the service. Any old sweats who recognize any person in the photos please let us know. Over the next week or so. We will show the names, a present day photo and details of their activities.
Any old sweat out there who would like to submit a photo of their early service days, please do. As time goes by we wonder whatever happened to such a guy we have served with and would you recognized him today if you seen him.

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Photo 3a Noel Cullen, Irish Guards same guy as in 3. Germany January 1962. Just joined the Battalion.
Photo 3a: Noel. C. with the Old Contemptible's Standard. War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge.
Photo 3. Noel Cullen. Aden 1967.
Photo 3 "NOW" Noel Cullen: Ex-Irish Guards. Secretary of the Dublin Central Branch. Royal British Legion.
Photo 2. Bobby Byrne. UN mission, Cyprus
Photo 2 "NOW" Photo 2. Bobby Byrne. Ex-Royal Irish Rangers. Still flying the Colours. War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridges.
Photo 2a. Bobby Byrne, same guy as in 2 above
Photo 2a Bobby Byrne: It looks like he is ready to do a runner.
Photo 1. Michael Colton. On his way to the Congo, UN mission.
Photo 1A: The song and dance man. Still going strong and into his eighties.
Photo 1a. same guy as in 1 above
Photo 1. Michael Colton, now President of Post 1 IUNVA.
Photo 4. Only one photo.
Photo 4 a: NOW Photo 4. Harry Daly, Royal Ulster Rifles, Vice-Chairman Of the Dublin Central Branch, Royal British legion.

A thank you to all who sent me names of the people in the photos and thoses who thought they reconized them!. How many more remembered them when they served and did they reconized them in their present day photos.

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DONE Sending...

Danny Sinclair | Reply 13.07.2017 13.58

Noel can you send me details of the dinner this year.
Unable to find them on the forum.
Danny Sinclair

Noel Cullen 17.07.2017 23.00

Sorry Danny for delay. Dinner date, Saturday 7th October. Davenport Hotel. Ticket cost €45.

Noel Cullen | Reply 17.08.2015 23.34

Medals may be worn on the right breast by a family member. Not only on Armistice Day but also at commemoration services in honouring and remembering our dead.

Bernie Hynes | Reply 16.08.2015 23.57

What is the protocol for wearing WW1 medles , would it be permitted for a grate nephew to wear his uncles medles on Armastist day

Noel Cullen | Reply 02.06.2015 11.09

Michael Colton Marie.

Marie Cullen | Reply 02.06.2015 03.38

What's the name of the guy in photo 1 ?

Brendan O'Neill | Reply 14.05.2015 21.17

Looking good all.

Bridget | Reply 20.04.2015 23.16

Noel I have a photo of my dad just like the one you put up

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